Introduction History

Book list

In order to prepare your studies as well as possible, you can find the books for the first courses of your first year of history on this page. This concerns all books that you will use in the first and second period. (First semester)

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Introduction to the Study of History (period 1)
John Tosh – Pursuit of History (zesde druk)
ISBN:  9781138808089
Modern History (period 1)
Thomas Noble – Western Civilization
ISBN: 9781133602712
Hermann Kinder – The Penguin Atlas of World History
ISBN: 9780141012629
World History (period 2)
Robert Tignor – Worlds Together, Worlds Apart 5E V2
ISBN: 9780393624854
Contemporary History (blok 2)
Thomas Noble – Western Civilization
ISBN: 9781133602712