Introduction History

Checklist before you go

The entire Introduction website is also available in English. This information is targeted towards international students.

If you have not applied yet, you can find all the information you need here .

Embarking on a new journey of discovery, every international student feels the thrill of traveling to a new country to start a new study program. The enthusiasm and joy are always accompanied with the fear of the unknown, since most students have no clue what they should prepare before studying History in Utrecht. Hopefully this page will shed some light on the most important things you, as an international student would need to prepare for and have in mind. Whilst reading, you will find useful links you can follow in order to get more information.

Arranging Housing :

One of the hurdles you might encounter as an international student is finding accommodation. The city is a very popular studying destination, and the thousands of students that come and go every year make it quite difficult to find affordable housing. Here you can find the University’s guide to finding accommodation, which includes valuable information, such as how to avoid scams, sign up for reserved accommodation and overall tips any student could use. It is recommended that as soon as you get your admission letter, you begin searching for accommodation.

Tuition and entry visa / residence permit:

Tuition fee payment methods vary depending on where each student comes from. Whether you are an EU / EEA student or not, you have to make sure you arrange your payment method before the beginning of September. More information on the payment methods can be found here .

When it comes to non-EU / EEA students, alongside your payment method you will also have to organize your entry visa / residence paper . All of your documents and application can be submitted to Utrecht University.


Other things to consider:

  • Arrange adequate  insurance for your stay in Utrecht. Health care in the Netherlands is excellent, but the costs are high.
  • If you are able to, join a  pre-departure event . During these meetings and online Q&A sessions we share information on how to prepare for your arrival
  • Even though the majority of the Dutch population is proficient at English, learning basic Dutch will help a lot with every day activities. Additionally, it will open up a lot more opportunities to explore. There is nothing more beautiful than the Dutch smiling when they hear you speak their language!
  • You can also download the Welcome to Utrecht app on either  iTunes or  Play Store , and get updated about the introduction period!
  • You might also consider participating in the  Utrecht Summer School . This really is a great way to start your studies in Utrecht a bit earlier than September.

If you are conditionally accepted make sure you keep track of all the deadlines mentioned in your official letter of conditional acceptance, since you will have to send in all documents required to meet the conditions. For more information on what to prepare before arriving, click here !