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Finding Accomodation

Finding Accommodation

The entire Introduction website is also available in English. This information is targeted towards international students.

One of the most important things an international student has to think about and adequately prepare for is finding accommodation. Utrecht is one of the most popular studying destinations in the Netherlands, and unfortunately that also translates in a shortage in housing. But not all hope is lost! Utrecht University has produced a  guide  for all students in order to assist them on their search for a room.

Student Accommodation- SSH

The  SSH Student Housing  is one of the safest ways a student can arrange housing. For starters Utrecht University reserves a set amount of rooms for the international students and staff each year. This type of accommodation is limited and only lasts between six to twelve months, after which the student has to move out. This type of accommodation can be found on the  SSH website  under short-stay.

The second type of accommodation provided by the SSH is long-term housing, also listed on their website. There is a registration cost for long term housing. It is recommended that international students that will do their full BA in History at Utrecht University sign up for both housing options. For the long-term housing there is a waiting list and it usually takes longer than a year to be invited to a viewing.

Room viewings in the Netherlands might be different than what most international students are used to. The usual viewings where the landlord shows the room to different candidates still happen, but when it comes to student houses it is more common for the tenants to organize a ‘hospiteeravond’.

A ‘hospi’ as its commonly called is an evening where every candidate interested in the room gathers together with the tenants living in the house and present themselves. These evenings are organized in order for the tenants to see as many candidates as possible in the least amount of time, but also for them to see how candidates interact with them in a social setting. More on the ‘hospeteeravonden’ can be found  here  .

Other ways to find accommodation

If you find your self in a situation where you signed up too late for the reserved accommodation the SSH provides or there just are not any more available, then a good place to look at is Facebook. There are many rooms that are owned privately and are rented out to students. These are usually advertised on Facebook, and many of them also allow students to post about themselves and their search for housing. Besides Facebook, there are various housing websites students can subscribe to, such as  Kamernet  and  Holland2Stay  .

Some of the pages / groups include:

Other Facebook groups not related to housing that might be good to join:

Be wary when joining any Facebook group. Although the ones recommended above feature rooms and offers that are generally good and legitimate, there are always scammers that might try and make a profit from tricking international students. Always make sure you are able to view the room preferably in person and that there will be a contract signed by the landlord.

If you are to find yourself in a situation where you have been scammed or you have issues with your landlord feel free to contact  VIDIUS  for free legal advice.