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Student and Study associations

Student and Study associations

The entire website is also available in English. This information is targeted towards international students.

The student culture and life in Utrecht is almost unmatchable when it comes to its vibrancy and energy. That is because the city is the home to hundreds of associations, related to the University’s studies but also sports, art and many other activities.  As an international student, it is very important to find a community that can offer support, that will help with network building, but most importantly that will provide you with many opportunities to enjoy your stay in Utrecht!

When it comes to choosing an association, there are many options out there. Usually there are two different types of associations, ones linked to a study and therefore to Utrecht University’s degrees, and then independent student associations, which welcome any student no matter what programme they are following. Here you can find the link to all the student associations, which include the Erasmus Student Network, BuddyGoDutch and the Green Office Utrecht.

Study Association for History Students – UHSK

When it comes to students that follow the History BA, the best option is the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring (Utrecht’s Historical Student Circle- UHSK), which is one of the largest history associations in the Netherlands. With more than twenty-three committees, the UHSK organises educational events related to history such as lectures, workshops and even exam training sessions for first-year students. To add to that, they also organise a fair share of social activities such as parties, weekly drinks, pub crawls and quizzes. Each year they put together three separate trips abroad, and give all of their members a discount on their study books.

One of the best perks this study association has is its room on Drift 21, right in the middle of all University buildings in the city centre. Open every working day of the week, the room has a warm cosy atmosphere, which makes it the best place to hang out during study breaks, or in between lectures and seminars. Plus, there is always free coffee and tea for everyone, and some nice study spots if there are none left in the library!

The UHSK is also very international-oriented. They have a committee specifically set to organise events for international students and help them acclimate to their new study environment in the Netherlands. Although not rare, their efforts to include all international students studying History are very commendable.  You can find out how to sing up for the UHSK on their website, and make sure you look at the committee list, since each committee has reserved seats for first year students! If you enjoy organising events, being involved or just want to make new friends, then apply for any of the committees listed, at the beginning of the year!