Introduction History

Introduction committee

Dear prospective first year history,

Due to the global coronavirus, the introduction period this year will be different from previous years. Unfortunately it is not possible to organize an introduction camp this year. But don’t worry, we are nevertheless busy finding alternative possibilities and we will try to keep you informed as much as possible!

The introductory period is organized each year by enthusiastic students who together form the introductory committee. Below we introduce ourselves to you:

Dear dear future freshmen,

My name is Jelle Vintges, I am 21 years old and I come from the always nice town of Leiden. This year I am the chairman of the Introduction committee. As chairman I keep an overview of my team, I make sure that all tasks are done on time and that nothing is forgotten. I also have final responsibility for the group and keep in close contact with the department and other bodies we come into contact with.

I am now a third-year history student and am completely familiar with the study and everything that goes with it. Within my studies I have been involved in international relations and international conflicts. In addition, I am active in the study association of history, the UHSK. I understand very well that as a prospective first year student you have many questions about the study and student life, I had that myself when I started. I myself experienced the introduction period as very nice because I made a lot of friends there, both peers and older students, whom I kept talking to throughout my student life.

As an introduction committee it is also our job to offer you a nice and pleasant introduction period so that you can get to know all the people from your study and the city of Utrecht! I hope to see you all soon! Above all, ask us all the questions you have left!




Hello, everybody,

I’m Sophie and I’m 21 years old and I come from beautiful Apeldoorn. I am a third-year history student and I specialize in political history, international relations and early modern history. I also take part in several committees within the study association UHSK such as the party committee and the Holocaust Memorial Day committee. This year I am the secretary of the Introduction Committee. My task is to update the website and provide you with all the information you need. This information includes for example the introductory documents but also information on general matters such as your book lists and the theme of the introductory period. All your applications will arrive at my address and I am the person who will divide you up for the seminar groups for the first year. You will be in the same seminar group your whole first year so it is nice to build a good relationship with your seminar group. If you have any questions you can of course contact me, and the rest of the IC! I myself have very nice memories of my introductory period at History, during the camp at that time I immediately made friends for the rest of my study time and got to know my other seminar group very well! I thought this was the perfect kick-start of my student period.

I hope to welcome you all soon!

Dear greetings,



Hi, everybody,

I’m Pieter and I’m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Utrecht so I already know the city very well! I started studying history this year and I am having a great time. I’m also active in committees at the study association such as the first year committee. This year I became the treasurer of the introduction team, so for financial matters you will have to be with me. I keep myself busy with all the finances and I strive to have fun with the rest of the committee! I myself experienced the camp as a fun start of the study, you get to know your seminar group well and the atmosphere was very friendly and sociable! That’s why I thought it would be fun to participate in the introductory committee this year.

We are going to make it a nice introduction period!





dear future freshmen,

I’m Christa and I’m a third-year history student. I am 21 years old and I come from beautiful Deventer! Within my studies I am involved in international relations, conflicts, violence and globalisation. I have been living in Utrecht for some time now and so I know the city and student life very well. I am also active in the study association UHSK. This year I am responsible for the camp, but unfortunately this cannot continue due to the coronavirus. We are in the process of setting up something that can make the introductory period coronaproof. If we know more about this, you’ll hear it right away and if you have any questions, I’d love to hear it!

I hope to see you soon,

Best regards,



Hi, everybody!

My name is Dimitris, I’m 19 years old and I’m originally from Cyprus and South Africa. I am a second year history student and I specialize in cultural history. This year I have been given a new position in the introductory committee, namely: commissioner internationals. My role in the committee is to help all international students make a smooth transition to a new study environment and in addition, together with the rest of the Introduction Committee, I provide a fun introduction period for these first-year students. I myself have been involved in the introduction camp before, once as a first year student and last year I went along as a mentor and gave the first year students an unforgettable weekend together with the rest of the support troops! Besides my studies I am also active in the study association of history, the UHSK. Here, for example, I play in plays with the drama committee and I enjoy travelling with the UHSK!

I hope to welcome you all soon!