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On Arrival

On Arrival

The entire Introduction website is also available in English. This information is targeted towards international students.

Due to the Cornonavirus (COVID-19) crisis the Introduction Camp has been canceled. The rest of the events mentioned in this page will take place in a different format.

Introduction Camp

Once you have adequately prepared for studying in Utrecht, it is time to get ready for an amazing introduction period! The first activity that we as an introduction committee organize for the upcoming students is the introduction camp. Set in in the lovely Dutch countryside, the introduction camp is meant to ease students in the student life and helping them get to know their fellow students.

Accompanied by their own mentors the students spend a weekend, usually the one right before the first week of September, bonding, partying and participating in all sorts of activities at the camp. The camp is accessible through public transport and incoming Internationals are recommended to make use of either an anonymous OV-chipkaart or the normal train tickets that can be purchased at every station. Of course, they will be accompanied by fellow students and mentors on their trip to the camp!

Orientation Day

Missing out on the camp is a pity, but there are so many other events organized which serve a similar purpose. The Orientation Day organized by Utrecht University takes place usually in the same weekend as the camp and is a fun way to get to know the city as well as everything the University’s community of students can offer! You can go on city tours, an association information market and many more. Information on the Orientation Day ca be found here . The camp and the Orientation Day can be combined, as long as you let us know in advance you intend to attend both events!

Faculty Day

Once the Introduction weekend ends, the new academic year begins! The Faculty Day is the first mandatory event organized by the Introduction Committee. Every History student must be present at this event. Starting off with an introductory lecture, the students are then split up in their seminar groups and meet their two mentors, who will be helping them throughout the year. Students get to explore the city through a treasure hunt. They will also meet their tutors and attend a committee market organized by the History study association, the UHSK.

The mandatory part ends sometime in the early afternoon, but the events still continue! The Faculty Day Plus is an extra addition over and above the events organized in the beginning of the day. It includes dinner, a boat ride through the beautiful canals of Utrecht and an extra set of activities for the afternoon, which are organized in order for students to get to know their seminar groups better and to have an overall fun introduction to the study!

More information about the Faculty day and the Introduction Camp can be found under ‘ Program’ on our website.