Introduction History


Below you will find the program for the introductory period History 2020, for both the compulsory online faculty day (31 August) and the online fun activities (1, 2, 3 and 4 September). Please note: this programme may still change, so keep an eye on this page and on our Facebook page.

The Coronavirus has also had an impact on the way of introduction of new first year students. Specific schedules for seminar groups will follow later this year.

Hello everyone, it is awesome that you come to study History in Utrecht! We as the Introduction Committee of History are busy organizing a nice introduction week for you. Below you can read which activities will be organized during the first week. Attention: the Monday is mandatory for everyone! The rest of the activities during the week are optional and serve to get to know your seminar group, the university, the study association and your fellow students better. The times and activities can still be changed if circumstances require so, therefore this plan is not final yet. Keep an eye on the website and on the Instagram for the latest updates! For the city tour everyone has to register in advance, keep an eye on the website and on the Instagram for the opening of the registration!

We hope to see you all!


Program Introduction History 2020-2021:

Monday    (31 Aug)                                                                                                    [Mandatory!]

Monday is the faculty day where you get to know the Utrecht University, the History Department, your tutor and your mentors. Attendance at this day is mandatory!

Time What Where
13:30 – 14:30 General opening of the day where you get acquainted with the Department of History, the study association UHSK and, for example, the University Library. Microsoft Teams, general environment
14:30 – 15:00 Lunchbreak Your own home
15:00 – 16:00 Meeting your tutor and the rest of your seminar group. Microsoft Teams, seminar group
16:00-16:30 Meeting your mentors and the rest of your seminar group. Microsoft Teams, seminar group


 Tuesday:      (1 Sep)                                                                                      [voluntarily]

On Tuesday there will be a city tour where you can get to know your seminar group, your mentors and the city of Utrecht! If, due to circumstances, you are unable to be physically present, don’t worry! The entire city tour will be recorded in advance by the IC so you don’t have to miss any of the information!

Time What Where
12:30 – 13:00 All the seminar groups will gather at the Moreelsepark. For the students who won’t be able to attend: a pre-recorded city tour will also be posted online. Moreelsepark (Next to the train station)
13:00-14:00 City Tour with your mentors and seminar group Utrecht city centre
14:00-15:30 Free time with your seminar group and mentors in the city centre of Utrecht. Utrecht city centre


Wednesday:     (2 Sep)                                                                                [voluntarily]

Get to know your fellow history students during the online drinks and test your knowledge of history in the pubquiz!!

Time What Where
21:00-23:00 Weekly drinks with pubquiz Zoom


 Thursday:        (3 Sep)                                                                                  [voluntarily]

On Thursdays you can meet the study association of History, the UHSK. The UHSK has more than 20 committees, each organizing fun activities throughout the year. If you would also like to do something besides your studies next year, take a look at the committee market!

Time What Where
14:00-15:00 Committee Market UHSK General environment


Friday:            (4 Sep)                                                                                            

Friday is all about getting to know your seminar teachers and the subjects Introduction to the study of History and Modern History. During this day you will get to know your teachers better and get more information about the subjects. The specifics about this day will be announced later.

Time What Where
15:30-16:30 Get to know the teachers and the coordinators of the first two courses you will follow at the university. Moreover, you will also get more information about the courses! To be specified later
16:30-18:30 Getting to know your seminar teachers of the first two courses! To be specified later